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[Updated: 2021.05.29]

Click to enlargeChina's "21st Century Land-Belt & Sea-Lane Initia­tive"

The Orwellian Leviathan comprises an underground confluence of international intelligence and Islamic terror syndicates—most visibly the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC)—cooperating with drug & trafficking cartels, each for their own interests, to financially steer Tech Media Giants—from TV to Google-Android, Amazon (internet connection-servers), Facebook-YouTube-WhatsApp, Twitter, Apple-iOS & Subsidiaries (GAFTAS). Their great size and scope enables them to exercise near universal gaslighting, thereby controlling public discourse, the vote and the resulting politicians, the shadow financiers and CEOs directing the GAFTAS are your real dictator-rulers.

Irsocc social classes
Irsocc social classes

Irssoc's Orwellian Outer Party comprises Iran's Shia-Islamic Policy Implementation & Enforcement Agencies:

  1. Shia-Islamic police domestically,

  2. Shia-Islamic military, including the IRGC, and

  3. Reporting directly to the Supreme Leader, the IRGC is the Shia-Islamic special covert ops (read "terrorist") "Qūds" (Yᵊru•shâ•layim) Force (QYF) tasked with "exporting" and enforcing the policies of the Supreme Leader and his Politburo internationally.

Click to enlargeQYF, aligned with Khiz'b-Allah, Khamas, et al., partnered with inter­national crimi­nal consor­tiums (drug & human traffic­kers, extortion of politicians & media, enforced by violent riot gangs)

According to the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff, the QYF apportions types of small Seal-like teams with specialized training tailored to 8 Directorates—which cover the entire globe (notice also the globe in their official seal).

To achieve the international goals ordered by their Supreme Leader, the QYF global terrorist network has partnered with international criminal consortiums: Afghan, Mexican, South American & Asian drug growers, money laundering, drug and human distribution (trafficking) cartels herding refugee populations (potential Islam-sympathizing voters) internationally, and violent "enforcer" gangs (e.g., inter alia, BLM, Antifa, M-13 et al.)— dog-whistle: Gangsta

The Leviathan coordinates these tentacles, with its own, to apply:

  • Soft Force: Today's growing socialist and Islam leaning environment traces it roots into the 1940s, with the introduction of socialism into academia. During the McCarthy-era early '50s, socialists differentiated themselves from McCarthy-targeted communists. U.S.S.R. communists saw the American singular focus against communism as an opportune misdirection to emphasize the more popular American socialism instead of communism. Former Pres. Ronald Reagan quoted Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev declaring around late 1959.07: "We can't expect the American people to jump from Capitalism to Communism, but we can assist their elected leaders in giving them small doses of Socialism, until they awaken one day to find they have Communism."

    It is then a conspicuous realization that they could similarly assist in electing socialist leaders! Via covert funding, they began infusing socialist-agenda teachers and professors—especially in the fields of education and media (journalism)—who naturally gravitated to the Democrat Party, to sow socialism from kindergarten through post-graduate university degrees, complemented by an increasingly socialist-leaning media.

    The Saudis soon noticed their own opportunity, using Saudi oil money to fund Islam-friendly, socialist-oriented grade-school books and courses into U.S. lower schools, and and later academia. Over the course of half a century, these efforts have produced, out of the public eye and under the radar, a covertly Islam-funded—indoctrinated (all-certificate, no intellect)—"academia" class, which has, for a couple of decades now, been pumping out, first hundreds, then thousands of Saudi-funded (grants, scholarships, research funding, etc.) Islam-friendly, socialist Democrat "intellectuals" and "academics" from grade school teachers through post-grad university professors.

    By the time of the Bill Clinton era, the accumulation of socialist, and Islam-friendly, Democrat mushroom "intellectuals" and "academics" had transitioned from covert infusion of local and state political and judiciary machines to achieving dominance, dictating an environment sympathetic to hiding, shielding and expanding their political clout by criminal (i.e. illegal) and nefarious means: including employing criminal cartel coyotes to herd waves of socialist and Muslim migrants through Mexico into the US, growing the socialist (Islamist) Democrats' voter bloc of illegal alien (i.e. non-citizen) mushrooms.

    Barak Obama, a born-Muslim, threw open the floodgates. Many incoming illegal aliens, being related to illegal alien DACA family members already in the U.S. who preceded them, were doubly indebted to the socialist-Democrat machine that enabled them to 1. enter the U.S., and 2. obtain official local and state IDs—which then entitles them to vote, illegally and fraudulently, in national elections. These, ultimately off-the-grid (non-citizen) Islam-friendly, socialist-Democrat, Illegal alien voters are now herded wherever the Democrat Party most needs to fraudulently pad votes, particularly swing states. Being off-the-grid, there is no paper trail to a living citizen; only to all of the non-existent, even dead, socialist Democrat voters.

    Add to these (perhaps 12-15 million) fraudulent actual votes any number of virtual (digital) votes the Leviathan may need; instantly changed or added as desired, by a click of a mouse button, via the Dark Web, from anywhere in the world. As this technique matures, a simple algorithm can smooth out the tell-tale (but perhaps unprovable) spikes.

    The Leviathan has already achieved clear dominance in the American local and state judicial and political machines, maturing the environment for fraudulently certifying hordes of socialist and Islam friendly illegal alien voters. Further, their dominance in media "journalism" now positions them to slander and scandalize opponents endlessly while quashing any attempts to expose these subtler covert—Dark State—socialist and Islamist subversions. The Leviathan thus emerges from within to strangle and depose rightful democratic governments. Worse, the Leviathan has wrested control of the primary investigative agencies. Hillary Clinton really did know who was in control, how and why she would win. And they were nearly right. Biden knew who was in control, how and why he would win—despite Trump's tens of thousands of supporters at every speech to Biden's dozen and near-empty parking lots at every speech, without even bothering to leave his basement and campaign. And this time they nailed it!

    Investigative agencies are in the process of being quashed; questions hushed, by Leviathan-media instigated and incited popular mushrooms' demand.

    The 2020 estimate by Yale & MIT researchers number illegal aliens living in the U.S. at 22.1 million! Given multiple IDs of dead citizens, etc., if even half of them voted (multiple times, perhaps scores and even thousands of fraudulent votes funneled to each) in the 2020 election—Democrat, of course—then the real numbers are about 70 million for Trump to 50 million legitimate citizen votes for Biden; the landslide for Trump indicated by the relative crowds of re al, live American citizens!

    Now solidly entrenched in, and on the brink of controlling, the American Democrat Party, the underground—Dark State—Leviathan seeks out useful (Islam-accepting) socialist politicians (think Barak Obama, Hillary Clinton, Brennan & Clapper, Hayden, Comey, Susan Rice, DNC chairs, AOC quartet, Biden, Harris, et al.). If necessary, however, Leviathan has specialized covert teams trained to find means of extorting them; through bribery, blackmail, scandalizing (Never Kavanaughs, Never Trumpers, et al.) or resorting to employing a local gang to apply Hard Force (see below).

    To avert this last resort, high on Leviathan's menu are "Useful Kūph•ârꞋ"—perhaps more accurately 有用的白痴 , from nameless media shamer & inciter trolls and bots to TV bobbleheads (the likes of Michael Moore, Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar and Rachel Maddow) to spiteful (think Liz Cheney) and "Cover Your Own 6" marionette-politicians (the likes of Obama and Hilary & cronies, Sanders, Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff, Biden; not to mention the Swamp of countless, Leviathan-controlled, state and local officials, judges & politicians).

  • Woman Trump-supporter cornered & attacked by anti-Trump mob; San Jose, 2016.06.02
    Woman Trump-supporter cornered & attacked by anti-Trump mob; San Jose, 2016.06.02

    Hard Force: control and redirect peaceful protests into Islamic-receptive socialist & Democrat dominated violent bullying and riots to conquer and exert control over foreign adversary populations.

Blending in among Islamic mosques and Islamic benevolent-socialist charity organizations to conceal their illegal funding and planning terrorist and subversive activities, the Leviathan thus spreads the tentacles of the Supreme Leader's policies by means of covert subversion of its enemies' democratic processes; a very sophisticated Dark State, emerging from within, to seize control; quietly, an unseen—and perhaps uninvestigatable—force (to the extent that they can control the pertinent investigating and enforcement agencies). The Leviathan thereby undermines and ousts anti-Shia democratic governments around the world.

To achieve Iran's global aspirations, Irssoc's QYF provides their client criminal consortium partners "protection" (including political protection) in exchange for carrying-out Irssoc periodic actions as independent contractors. These international criminal consortiums thus become proxy networks of Irssoc international Islamist terrorists—the Leviathan; enjoying "protection" for their trafficking, money laundering, extortion and enforcer cartels and gangs (e.g., BLM and a number of international drug gangs; M13, et al.). These are the enforcer gangs that inflame protests against adversaries of Irssoc's extreme left policies into violent riots, beating-up supporters of Irssoc's adversaries and chasing them off in bloodied humiliation. Partnered criminal consortiums, cartels and gangs thrive by cooperating as "Useful Kūph•ârꞋ"  —until their usefulness ends.

Anyone who dares to be critical of the intersections (i.e. cooperating connections) of international terror syndicates, drug & trafficking cartels, political parties (& politicians) and tech giants Google-Android, Amazon (internet connection-servers), Facebook-YouTube-WhatsApp, Twitter, Apple-iOS & Subsidiaries (GAFTAS).

Switching to [1] a search engine that has no echo-chamber and provides robust privacy-protection and [2] non-GAFTAS social media is critical.

The world is inundated with propaganda labeled as news. The only way to sift news from fakenews is to daily [1] sample several "news" sources that entail the unpleasant chore of examining "news" that conflicts with your own—and that requires supplementing TV fake-news with the internet to get news from Israel, Fox, France, UK, China, Russia, even al Jazeera, to gather all aspects; then [2] logically sift out unfounded hyperbole, "spin" and slander; the fake news. What's left (if anything) will be much closer to pure news—and you logically derive the news for yourself; don't depend on any pundit or idol because they can play with a ball (i.e. athletes), play pretend (i.e. actors) or sing (i.e. artists & entertainers).

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