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As most people know, there was one at any given time.

From the Mi•shᵊkân to Dâ•wid ha-Mëlëkh

While most people haven't thought about it, all of the thousands of in the country didn't serve in the Beit ha-Mi•qᵊdâsh 24/7-365¼. Nor did every Israeli in the country pray in the Beit ha-Mi•qᵊdâsh every . Not only would the Beit ha-Mi•qᵊdâsh not hold even a fraction of the total number of Israelis, it would have left the country open to invasion, families, flocks and businesses unprotected, etc.

Divided into 24

Each was headed by a and served for a week. This means that at any given time, in addition to the , there were also 24 . Moreover, each was then further divided into a number (depending on the size of the ) of , each headed by a . So, at any given time, there were 24 and several times that many – each of whom was designated as a second or tertiary layer of .

Each of the 24 officiated for a week, which worked out to twice/year most years. Lots were taken of the within their to determine which officiated for the week. Each , commenced with A•rᵊv•it.

It is this context that we find titles like:

  1. (Mᵊlâkh•im Beit 25.18; Yi•rᵊmᵊyâhu 52.24; Di•vᵊr•ei-ha-Yâm•im Beit 19.11; 24.11; 26.20; 31.10; Ëzᵊr•â 7.5; ); pl. (Nᵊkhëm•yâh 12.7) – perhaps correlating with

  2. (Ëzᵊr•â 8.24; Di•vᵊr•ei-ha-Yâm•im Beit 36.14) – perhaps correlating with the

  3. In addition, there seems to have been a secondary "back-up," in case of sudden illness or contamination: (Mᵊlâkh•im Beit 25.18; Yi•rᵊmᵊyâhu 52.24)

The Lәwi•yim and Yi•sᵊrâ•eil•im were each, similarly, divided. Those who were able, of the scheduled of the and Lәwi•yim, traveled to Yᵊru•shâ•layim to fulfill their duty in the Beit ha-Mi•qᵊdâsh. Those of the Yi•sᵊrâ•eil•im who ultimately officiated, standing by the sacrifices, were called the – how can a national sacrifice be accepted unless a representative of the people of Yi•sᵊrâ•eil confesses over it?

Those who remained at home assembled in their home towns and read portions of and the Nᵊviy•im – the original bât•ei ha-kᵊnësët.

Second Beit ha-Mi•qᵊdâsh Era

None of the Ma•kab•im satisfied the genealogical requirement of being a Bën-Tzâ•doq. This makes the last legitimate Ko•hein ha-Ja•dol successor to A•har•on through the line of the Bᵊn•ei Tzâ•doq—according to the Ma•kab•im themselves (2 Mac. 4.2!)—the pre-Kha•nuk•âh Ko•hein ha-Ja•dol, Yᵊkhon•yâh "Khonyo" (Hellenized to "Onias") Bën-Shim•on (II).

The brother of Yᵊkhon•yâh Bën-Shim•on (II), Yᵊho•shua Bën-Shim•on (II), was a rabid Hellenist who went to the Syrian champion of Hellenism at the time, Antiochus Epiphanes, and bought the high priesthood, deposing and usurping his brother and Hellenizing the priesthood, corrupting it—as it would turn out in 70 C.E.—irredeemably and forever.

Yᵊkhon•yâh is the famous member of the Bᵊn•ei Tzâ•doq who, having been forcibly deposed from the priesthood and thereby stripped of his rightful title of Ko•hein ha-Ja•dol, became known as the Moreih Tzëdëq (details and documentation in the Kha•nuk•âh page of our Judaic Calendar), of the Tzᵊdoq•im.

Yᵊho•shua Bën-Shim•on (II) thereby became the arch-antithesis of his brother and the arch-antithesis of a legitimate Ko•hein ha-Ja•dol—the (see also Boethusians)! Yᵊho•shua Bën-Shim•on (II) founds what can only be described as the "pseudo- Tzᵊdoq•im"; the arch-antithesis of the followers of the Moreih Tzëdëq. We know the followers of the Moreih Tzëdëq as the Qum•rân Tzᵊdoq•im.

All successive High Priests subsequent to Yᵊho•shua Bën-Shim•on (II) were likewise known, disaffectionately, as "the Wicked Priest"—which includes the Hellenist-Tzᵊdoq•im (anti-Pᵊrush•i), Roman-sycophant high priest and "Συνεδριον" in Yᵊru•shâ•layim) in the time of Ribi Yᵊho•shua (Bën-Dâ•wid)!!!

The astute reader will recognize that, thanks to Dead Sea Scroll 4Q MMT and the work of Prof. Elisha Qimron, this will revolutionize the modern understanding of Judaism in the centuries of Ribi Yᵊho•shua and the Nᵊtzâr•im and the emergence, decades later, of their arch-antithesis—Hellenist gentile Christianity.

These "Wicked Priests" were Hellenist Jews perverting the Tor•âh service in the Beit ha-Miq•dâsh into a hybrid—syncretism—of Hellenism and Judaism: 1st century Reform "Judaism"—and a den of thieves! These were Ko•hein Gâ•dol in name only; having purchased the office from, and serving at the pleasure of, the Hellenist Roman occupiers. Most of these "Wicked Priests" were not even genealogically legitimate.

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