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Before dismissing the rabbis' claims of creating a lëm as a hilarious zombie fable, however, one should take a closer look at the mindless, unquestioning subservience of their penguin-dressed Ultra-Orthodox rank-and file. Clearly, there's more than one way to create lëm. The rakh cult of unquestioning lëm staked its simplistic assimilation of the Egyptian-like priestly claim in racist (i.e. genetic) supremacism; specifically, that rakh's "purity of bloodline" (i.e. "from a good family" lineage because he, too, was a great-grandson of Lei•wi) entitled him and his male descendants, the "Chosen", to be "the Living Tōr•âh"; Interpreters—phony interpreters—having a Divine Right to religious rule—"Heaven's Gatekeepers"!

Had rakh succeeded, then any violation of their cult-courts' Intercessory interpretations (mi•shᵊpât•im) would have displaced and superseded Tōr•âh shᵊbᵊal Pëh with their rakh-cult (self-interpreted "Living Tōr•âh") racist and contra-Tōr•âh interpretations overriding Tōr•âh shë-bi-Khᵊtâv!

In this way, the rakh cult would make itself the raison d'être of Yi•sᵊr•â•eil—the (phony) "Living Tōr•âh" presuming to displace Tōr•âh shë-Bᵊal Pëh to usurp Tōr•âh shë-bi-Khᵊtâv!

The rakh cult's claimed religious monopoly over interpretive and legislative authority—beyond being self-righteous, fanatic and racist—was a brazen and implacable contradiction—a displacement theology—of the system designed and established by Mōsh•ëh, which incorporated a division of powers between the kō•han•im officiators of religious ceremony, the Beit Din Judiciary system and the Executive. While Mōsh•ëh's system, based on Tōr•âh ë•mët, produced ë•mët, khësëd, ra•kham•im, tzëdëq and tzᵊniy•ūt (e.g., welcoming and inclusive of the eirëv rav), the fanatic rakh racist cult of self-righteous "Living Tōr•âh" Chosenness is distinctly identified by its arrogant disdain for the common people; ever increasingly fanatic, aloof and toxic in their hate-mongering, polarizing and divisive, racist exclusivity. Fanatically stricter than thou is holier-than-thou, right? Roll eyes A priori, they argued, Mōsh•ëh Bën-Amᵊrâm and A•ha•rōn Bën-Amᵊrâm had no right to adjudicate Tōr•âh over them!

Israel split away from Yehudah BCE 1040 (see Melakhim-a 11.43-ch 12.). Almost 900 years later (BCE 722), Assyrian Deracination

Nearly 1,000 years later (c. BCE 600), when threatened by the Babylonians, once again, rakh-style fanatic יְהוֹיָקִים ha-Mëlëkh, Dark Ages (anti-science, anti-knowledge; limiting, controlling & harshly imposing beliefs), Benei-Khoshekh cult v Benei-Or-welcoming, inclusive (eirev rav, Hileil conversions), khesed, emet, tzedeq, rakhamim, tzeniyut; determined to impose his own rule, defied the counsel of Yi•rᵊmᵊyâhū Bën-Būz•i (ha-Nâ•vi) and the Babylonians. This brought down the Wrath of יְהוָׂה on Yᵊhūdâh (the Jews) by the hand of the Babylonians—followed by the Iranians.

Half a millennium after that, in BCE 175, Yәhō•shua Bën-Shim•ōn Jr. Bën-Tzâ•dōq ha-Kō•hein forcibly implemented the Hellenization of "Judaism", including the kō•han•im and the "Temple"; reflecting the eruption of the same internal conflicts yet again. The same inherently conflicted elements fragmented yet again, disputing the "traditional", "orthodox" authorities and interpretations of the Tōr•âh (as reconstructed by, and reflecting any assimilations of, the Babylonian-returnee Sō•pheir-kō•hein, Ëzᵊr•â).

This was evident in their reforming of the Beit Din -Gâ•dōl as a Roman Provincial Senate, Sanhedrin, with the recomposition of its administration by Zūg•ōt, primarily between the rakh 2.0 Hellenist Tzᵊdōq•im Nâ•si versus the Har Sin•ai-based Tōr•âh (by that time infused with both Babylonian, and pressure for some new Hellenist, interpretational tradition) as advocated by the Pᵊrush•im Av Beit Din, Hi•leil ha-Za•qein, "the Babylonian" (who became the first Pᵊrush•im Nâ•si in BCE 28).

This milieu reflected not only the new Hellenist Tzᵊdōq•im, it also promulgated the old, Ōs•in, Tzᵊdōq•im, the authors of the DSS (though the Hellenists had seized control of the priesthood, the "Temple" and authority to "interpret" from them, dooming them to extinction). The Ōs•in were elitists who referred to themselves in the DSS as Bᵊn•ei-Ōr—and both of the other denominations of Jews (Hellenist Tzᵊdōq•im and Pᵊrush•im) as בְּנֵי-חֹשֶׁךְ.

Both streams of Tzᵊdōq•im contrasted against the Pᵊrush•im. While all streams of Jews opposed the Roman occupiers, fanatics emerged from all streams as a new faction: the Qa•nâyim. Once again, rakh-style fanatics brought down the Wrath of יְהוָׂה, this time by the hand of the Romans.

At Yavᵊn•ëh, the Pᵊrush•im rabbis (via Ribi Yᵊhō•shūa, Rab•ân Ga•mᵊl•i•eil Sr. and Yōkhâ•nân Bën-Za•kai) decreed this to be the Ha•lâkh•âh ! The rabbis decreed that the opinion of Sadducean Beit Shamai (simply "they" or "sages" in Talmud, as distinguished from Pharisee rabbis), when it conflicts with that of Beit Hileil (particularly regarding conversion), is no mishnah. (Ber. 36b) and the Halakhah was always according to Beit Hileil, and whoever acted contrary to the views of Beit Hileil deserves death. (TY Ber. 1.7, 3b; et al.)!

phony-priest aristocrats, averring the same arrogant and hateful racist argument. Thuw, rakh became the paradigm for the Bᵊn•ei-Khōshëkh, an assimilated cult of fanatics in "Ultra-Orthodox" costume, obsessed with overthrowing the original Tōr•âh authority of Mōsh•ëh at Har Sin•ai.

Thus, the fanatic and imperious wannabe priestly-aristocratic rakh cult served as the archetype, almost 1400 years later, of the בְּנֵי-חֹשֶׁךְ ("sons of Darkness") in the DSS of the Qū•mᵊr•ân Ōs•in.

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