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fem. n. nëphësh; pl. (nᵊphâsh•ōt);,nephesh,nephashot,n'pashot the vector of sentience, conscious­ness, self-awareness, sapience, psyche, free will.

The Hebrew concepts of ,‎ and were refinements of the Egyptian (and other ancient, idolatrous Middle Eastern myth systems) amalgamation of the ka, the ba and the akh.. In Ta•na"kh, however, all dâm-circulating animals, as living beings (in contrast to lower animals and plants), were, by nature of their dependence upon circulating dâm, deemed to have a .

Ancient scientists noticed that loss of a certain quantity of dâm was inextricably coupled with loss of . Thus, they (illogically) concluded the must be in the dâm. But (mundus mutatus)! Mankind today recognizes that the ancients mistook a mysterious life force vector in the dâm that they could not identify or explain—O2—for the ! Realization of this ancient error (still promulgated by Dark Ages clerics of all denominations—except Nᵊtzâr•im), upon which the whole sacrificial system was based, necessitates a complete review of the purpose of zᵊvâkh•im to develop a far broader and better—scientifically—informed picture of its intended duration and application today.

“because the of the bâ•sâr is in the dâm.”

Property Belonging To Creator Must Be Returned To Creator

As the nëphësh of creat-ures of (i.e. created by) the Creator (the perceived god), their nëphësh was the property of its Creator. Thus, man had no legitimate right to consume a nëphësh, which, it was believed, was in the dâm and must be returned to its Creator by relegating it to the earth or in the smoke of fire. This was packaged with the pre-Sin•ai, inherited belief that when a transgression was committed against a god, blighting ones nëphësh, then a vicarious nëphësh was required in restitution; and the nëphësh was believed to reside in the dâm. Thus, the blighted nëphësh had to be replaced and renewed by sacrificing a sacred animal and supplying (returning) its nëphësh (in the dâm of the sacrificed sacred animal) to its Creator, either via the earth or in the smoke of fire. This was the core engine of ancient sacrificial belief systems into which Avᵊrâ•hâm, and Yi•sᵊr•â•eil, were born. more

Hellenization Perverts The Nëphësh

was Hellenized in LXX as ψυχή (Latin psyche) and popularly Anglicized from German to "soul."

In LXX, Hellenists comprehended no distinction between and . The two are both rendered by ψυχή—which explains the confusion in subsequent translations.

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(mundus mutatus) – Originalist vs Literalist

Your is an inherent part of you—your individual, characteristic, self-defining sentience; your awareness of yourself relative to ‑‑, your free will. Like the , the is also a part of you that continues after shedding your body. (The body, being physical, is confined to this physical universe. Therefore, it cannot make the transition into the non-dimensional domain of hâ-ō•lâm ha-bâ.) The universe is the Creators laboratory and the purpose of life is for each of us to individually learn, and decide whether we will, subordinate the ,‎ and to the Purpose (i.e. Will) of ‑‑; and to differentiate those who succeed in doing so (in their life practice, not talk) from those who fail to do so.

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