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This Epoch / Era / Age / World

(this world-age, this world).

Rainbow Rule : Future – No Past Nor Present. Ergo, Not Promised Eternal Realm

The term dates at least as far back as when Mōsh•ëh compiled the Tōr•âh at Har Sin•ai (c. B.C.E. ). It was more than a millennium later, however, that the rabbis first reformed this term to apply to the contra-Biblical recycling of the idolatrous ancient Egyptian (vide Moses / "incarnate," with resulting mummies) and later Hellenist mythologies of a physical, bodily resurrection (leading to modern embalming and prohibitions against cremation) to a "heaven" or "paradise" – among the clouds, "caught up into the clouds," or among the stars, with streets (for flying cars, buses or ox-carts?), gold, jewels, light, wine, grapes, virgins, pets and other worldly, materialistic physical – ephemeral, not eternal – attributes.

Like all other clerics before and after them, the rabbis thus misidentify this as a physical (therefore, finite, ephemeral and vulnerable to degrading or conquering) ultimate man-cave, not an eternal state of being that includes the ultimate state of woman and genderless as well as man.

Since the rabbinic explicitly specifies a world still to come, then it doesn't exist yet, nor has it existed in the past. Ergo, A world that is yet to exist is already self-evidently proven not eternal. A priori, , manifesting human-limited perspective, does not properly describe the Realm of ‑‑, which, by definition, has always existed since before the creation of our universe, continues to exist now and in the future. Moreover, the rabbis defined as comprising bodily resurrection – like the Egyptians and Christians (and, much later, the Muslims). Clerics ever since have perceived "heaven" as "among the clouds" (one may look down and see from an airliner or the ISS?) or in the celestial realm among the stars and planets of the cosmos; some distant part of the physical universe; a "faraway place" (as Mohammed and Star Trek would put it) that is the "abode of the gods."

Today, we understand the clouds and "heaven," "the heavens," et al. as physical, dimensional sky, planets and stars basically like our solar system and galaxy. Birds flying back and forth from earth to the clouds of heaven are not accompanied by angels nor demons. Nor is "heaven" a mere humanities-philosophical state of self-actualization or some highest level of human mental, intellectual or religious euphoria in this life or within our physical cosmos and universe.

Tōr•âh is unique in having understood there must be somestate (not something) beyond our epoch and universe, on a far higher intellectual level.

Rainbow Rule Infinitely (Literally) Better Than Hellenist Heaven/Paradise

However, a further Biblical instantiation of this term is the phrase, — lit. "to the age and until, beyond (i.e., some undefinable future)."

Though popularly Hellenized (i.e., anthropomorphized) as merely a part of the idolatrous "heaven" – within our physical universe, this undefinable future is, instead, the incorporeal (non-dimensional​=​spiritual) and timeless, supernal Realm of ‑‑, which includes the /​nᵊphâsh•ot of all of His Tōr•âh-faithful children.

Being , Tōr•âh requires ha•vᵊdâl•âh – which excludes both followers of doctrines of displacement mythology "Bibles" regardless of their ethnicity; and followers of frequent rabbinic strayings that contradict the pristine original principles of Tōr•âh, regardless of their "Jewish" ethnicity.

A priori, only the /​nëphësh (not physical body) of those who are Tōr•âh-faithful – even when it means refusing rabbinic overreach – are among His true, /​children. Only these, therefore, are exclusively our true family within the timeless Realm of ‑‑‎ – , bâ•rukh hu.

Because this incorporeal Realm of ‑‑ includes the /​nᵊphâsh•ot of our true family: all of His Tōr•âh-faithful /​children, therefore, building and strengthening these familial bonds and relationships, making good memories and times, falls within the purview of – mutually exclusive from mᵊlâkh•âh.

is the legitimate Biblical phrase contrasting against a tangible, physical or dimensional "paradise" or "heaven" as conceived by all other not-Tōr•âh (ergo, idolatrous) religions.

Nothing Physical, Then What?

, even after distinguishing it from the profane-physical universe, realizing that it shares none of the physical characteristics universally associated with "heaven" or "paradise," is still riddled with intellectual and conceptual difficulties. We human beings are inextricably captives in our physical and dimensional environment. Thus, our knowledge of the incorporeal realm is limited to inferences based on our awareness of our own incorporeal states of consciousness, abstract ideas, dreams and thought – the incorporeal realm of our nëphësh. We think of seeing, speaking with and hearing, hugging, loved ones. We will, I assert, sense them in a more intimate way than these; but light and eyes, and sound and ears and these other senses are physical and dimensional, not part of the eternal incorporeal realm.

Moreover, there is nothing physical nor dimensional about the nëphësh nor relative to (one cannot even say "in") . One cannot "go to" . It is not a physical, dimensional place. Nor is it in the heavens (within the physical and dimensional, universe). Before the universe was created, ‑‑ existed – but dimensions and physical particles and time did not exist before the universe. So, if you've been dreaming of living in a fine palace, or driving a fine car, having a magnificent yacht or airplane – or 70 virgins, then you need to rethink, reassess and reevaluate your direction and motivations.

Exhaustive Biblical Instantiations

All of the instances combine to offer a glimpse into

So how do you fare concerning progress ?

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