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2013.01.20, 2235
Yᵊru•shâ•layim Daylight Time

Ynet article: Rabbi Ovadia Yosef: Habayit Hayehudi 'a party of goyim'

Ynet Refused to post: Ancient conflict resumes: Sons of Light v Sons of Darkness (Dark Age)

The same conflict as in the 1st century C.E. redux: B'nei Or (sons of Light – 21st century logic and science) vs B'nei Iy•dân Kha•shukh (sons of the Dark Age), peddling medieval European superstitions and mysticism, khi•lul --, and calling it, lᵊ-ha•vᵊdil, Ha•lâkh•âh and Tor•âh of the Omniscient Creator; calling evil good and good evil (see Yᵊsha•yâhu 5.20).

Tor•âh is the polar opposite of, explicitly prohibiting, the Medieval superstitions and mysticism peddled by the Costume Jewry of the Ultra-Orthodox.

Calling these purveyors of sin•at khi•nâm (gratuitous hate), who refuse to learn history and science as if it were Hellenist myth and still insist the world is 5000 years old, "scholars" is tragi-comical.

For these relics of the European Dark Age to call moderate Orthodox Jews "goyim" should be a wake-up call that it's not only converts the Ultra-Orthodox slander, persecute and ruin. Moreover, Ha•lâkh•âh holds that 1. slander is tantamount to murder and 2. you shall not stand idly by the blood of your brother (wa-Yi•qᵊr•â 19.16).

#8 -- It is these Ultra-Orthodox purveyors of sin•at khi•nâm who have driven 90+% of Jews away from Tor•âh AND justify the world's view of us as racists. They throw feces at moderate Orthodox elementary school girls!!! Open your eyes! Those who continue to support them are blind and insane cultists who abandon the most basic principles of Tor•âh: to do mi•shᵊpât (not merely rituals), to love khësëd (not hatred), and to walk moderately (discretely, meekly – Biblical definition of with your Ël•oh•im.

In Tor•âh, the Biblical definition of is contrasted with its antonym: .

And if secular Jews think these slanderers regard you as more Jewish than the moderate Orthodox you really are friars.

Jews who are genuinely and love Tor•âh and Ha•lâkh•âh must reclaim, restore and preserve Tor•âh and Ha•lâkh•âh from the wanton sons of the Dark Age.

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