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The Sinkhole Under Israel

Shattering Already-Fractured Am Yi•sᵊr•â•eil

Iron-Hammer Rule By Secular-Collaborating Sadducee Boethusians
Orthodox Flock of Am Yi•sᵊr•â•eil Persecuted By Ultra-Orthodox Harediban More Than By Goy•im Ultras Have Driven 90% Of Flock Away From Tor•âh, Racist Xenophobia Incessantly Infuriates The World To Hate "Jews"
Paqid Yirmeyahu (Paqid 16, the Netzarim)
Pâ•qidꞋ  Yi•rᵊmᵊyâhu
Haredi hammering sectarianist sinkhole under Israel
Click to enlargeUltra-Orthodox Harediban Boethusian wielding hammer of Thor in the Name of Tor•âh, shattering schism-eroded sinkhole impending to collapse under all of Israel – already under external attack from all sides. (, can't draw Shrug)

2014.12.21 – It's puzzling why secular (nationalist) Zionists political rulers, who established the State of Israel in 1948, in the wake of the Sho•âh, for the express purpose of building a communist (kibbutz), godless secular haven for Jews "like all of the other nations," now unswervingly empower the religious extreme and Medievalist Ultra-Orthodox Harediban Boethusians (namely, their rule of the Ra•bân•ut), whom secular Zionists officially loath. Repeated elections demonstrate that they are willing to get in bed with their worst nightmare in their mutual opposition to, and quest to exert control over, those who practice a form of Orthodox Tor•âh. Why do both so virulently hate the Orthodox (which is, roughly, also much of the middle class.)

No less puzzling is why the religious extreme and Medievalist Ultra-Orthodox Harediban unswervingly reciprocate to support the secular (nationalist) Zionist political rulers, whom they publicly profess to loath, in the Ultra-Orthodox Harediban opposition to those who practice a Orthodox form of Tor•âh. Why do both so virulently hate the Orthodox (which is, roughly, also much of the middle class.)


Undermining the rightful Authority set in place by ‑‑ is the dangerous ground of rakh. One must exercise extreme caution. On the other hand, the Israeli Rabbinate was ordained by Ottoman Turks, not Mosh•ëh, and its current engine is powered by its political collaboration with secular Zionists. After ‑‑ worked His miracles, smoothing the path for me to receive an Orthodox conversion, to make a•liy•âh to Israel and placing me in my present position, I'm not chopped liver either. It was ‑‑ Who placed me where I am; and those who ignore that do so at their own peril. Furthermore, unlike rakh, I don't seek to rule or magnify myself. I've analyzed this as carefully and prayerfully as I know how. My Ribi, Yᵊho•shua, got into a lot of trouble in the first century C.E. for calling out the Hellenist Tzᵊdoq•im for their hypocrisy in pretending to represent while, in fact and deed, desecrating the Beit ha-Mi•qᵊdâsh with their Hellenism and collaborating with the Hellenist Roman occupiers. For that, the Hellenist Tzᵊdoq•im colluded with the Hellenist Roman occupiers to crucify him. Yet, despite these risks, I cannot overlook or ignore the similar situation of my fellow Jews being abused by the Israeli Rabbinate, behaving like Hellenist Tzᵊdoq•im, collaborating with secular Zionist political rulers, today. Moreover, like Ribi Yᵊho•shua, I would greatly prefer tᵊshuv•âh rather than revolt. But, like the first century, tᵊshuv•âh by the haughty Ultra-Orthodox Kha•reid•im doesn't seem to be on the horizon any more than it was for the Hellenist Tzᵊdoq•im Boethusians.

Contra- Secular Marriage With ?

Rereading the first two paragraphs, one may notice that both partners to this unholy, contra-Tor•âh (=Sâ•tânic) marriage from hell share the same common interest: suppressing those who practice a Orthodox – Ribi Hi•leil, Ribi Yᵊho•shua and Ram•ba"m – form of Tor•âh. Today's Ultra-Orthodox Harediban repeatedly, routinely, overturn Ha•lâkh•âh that had stood for millennia, decreeing their "poskim" presuming themselves to be Peers of ‑‑ overriding His Words in Ta•na"kh – as Dân•iy•eil prophesied (7.25). Christians and Muslims aren't the only advocates of Displacement Theology.

In the cartoon, think of the surface of the topographical map of Israel as the top of a long tube, covering a domed cavern eroding, by sectarianism, from within – Israel being a dome atop a long, impending sinkhole. Secular Zionists form the base of half of the dome and the Ultra-Orthodox Harediban form the base of the other half of the dome. While the external world hammers away at the surface of Israel, the Ultra-Orthodox Harediban are hammering away at the base of the secular Zionists that hold up the other half of the dome that keeps Israel from collapsing into itself as a giant sinkhole.

Beneath the dome, ignored, suppressed and treated like mushrooms (kept in the dark and covered up in BS), is the main flock, 90+%, of Israel's many sects – including most (not-Ultra) Orthodox Jews.

The Ultra-Orthodox Harediban's constant and interminable schismatic disenfranchisement of all other Judaic sects has shattered Am Yi•sᵊr•â•eil from within – like hammering the dome of a sinkhole until it collapses. Internal schisms combined with the Ultra-Orthodox Harediban's disenfranchisement, having already driven more than 90% of the Flock of Yi•sᵊr•â•eil away from , is Israel's greatest threat. Being disenfranchised by the Ultra-Orthodox Harediban Ra•bân•ut is responsible for the masses of Jews who are dissociating from , Yi•sᵊr•â•eil and everything "Jewish." If not stopped, Jews – and Israel – would self-annihilate. But ‑‑ will not tolerate this to continue unpunished.

Heirs of the Tzᵊdoq•im (Sadducee) Boethusians

We've Seen the Marriage of Sadducees With Secular Rulers Before
We Saw How That Turns Out. And Such Marriage Violates Ha•vᵊdâl•âh
The same rabbis who forbid marrying seculars, marry seculars!!!

As demonstrated by top university genetics researchers, today's European-origin Ash•kᵊnazim, and their religious traditions, trace back to:

  1. The 70 C.E. expulsion from the Holy Land and resulting in their flight into the Hellenist European Roman Empire of the Hellenist Tzᵊdoq•im Boethusians, and

  2. Traditions, alien and contradictory to , assimilated – syncretizing (a Hellenist practice) idolatrous traditions of their Hellenist European host countries – into their Tzᵊdoq•im traditions. It must be remembered that the Tzᵊdoq•im had already been syncretizing Hellenism this for more than 2 centuries before fleeing in 70 C.E. Assimilating traditions of their host countries was normal for them.

The Pᵊrush•im, by contrast, loathing idolatrous Hellenism, all idolatrous Hellenist regions of the Roman Empire and, most acutely, the Roman occupiers of the Holy Land who expelled them from their indigenous homeland, fled into other Middle Eastern countries, anywhere but the Hellenist Roman Empire – to become today's most pristine sects and bearers of Pᵊrush•i tradition and : the Tei•mân•im, Bâ•vᵊl•im and other Eid•ōt ha-Mi•zᵊrakh. We can be certain that the Pᵊrush•im, while mourning their expulsion and separation from their Holy Homeland, were as relieved to be out from under the rule of the loathed Hellenist Tzᵊdoq•im Boethusian Roman-collaborators as from the Roman occupiers themselves (likely, more so). Now, the Tzᵊdoq•imAsh•kᵊnazim – have returned to power again, collaborating with secular rulers to overturn Ha•lâkh•âh that has stood for millennia.

This internal danger – of the Ultra-Orthodox Harediban Ra•bân•ut stamping out most of the Flock of Am Yi•sᵊr•â•eil, which it has already disenfranchised – is far greater than any external enemy; a self-destructive collapse of the entirety of Israel into a giant sinkhole of shattered schisms. In fact, this is already nearly a fait accompli. In collusion with the secular rulers of the State, the 90% Tzâ•nua Orthodox Flock of Am Yi•sᵊr•â•eil has been paralyzed and neutralized, crushed to powder, in the eroded cavern beneath the iron-fisted dome of Ultra-Orthodox Harediban Ra•bân•ut rule. Rebbe Schneerson made a good point when he differentiated between the State and the Land. So should we. Meanwhile, as the Ultra-Orthodox Harediban abuses both Jews and goy•im, rather than commend Khabad for doing good in the world and (unthinkably Roll eyes) emulating them, they slander them too. It is an unprecedented evil.

Only 2 Favorable Solutions:
sheep neglected in squalid fold
Click to enlargeGet your hands dirty cleaning up the sheep and their fold like a shepherd? Or aban­don and disown them like the Ultra-Orthodox Harediban Rabânut?
  1. Tᵊshuv•âh by Ultra-Orthodox Harediban Ra•bân•ut, restoring the pristine principles of the ancient Ha•lâkh•âh, re-enfranchising the whole flock of Am Yi•sᵊr•â•eil, with the Jews they have converted (dirty sheep in a filthy fold are still sheep, not goats) – how unlikely is that? We were commissioned to be in the business of shepherding – tending the sheep, cleaning the sheep and cleaning up their fold – not disowning them! The Flock belongs to ‑‑, not us. The sheep are not ours to disown!

  2. Or, the main body of Tzâ•nua Orthodox Flock of Am Yi•sᵊr•â•eil, including Khabad and along with the non-Orthodox sects join together in declaring themselves emancipated from rule by a Kha•reid•i Ra•bân•ut – breaking off the yoke of Ultra-Orthodox Harediban Ra•bân•ut rule. (How likely is that???)

If we don't achieve one of these solutions, then time is on the side of our enemies as ‑‑ refines us in post-Sho•âh, post-regathering (1948) fire – yet again (Zᵊkhar•yâh 13.8-9).

You can heed me now, or heed me later. Whether by action or apathetic inaction, you make your bed. Therein shall you recline for eternity. No matter how you cut it, those who abuse, disenfranchise and drive Jews away from , overturning millennia of Ha•lâkh•âh, are not the torchbearers of !

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