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We cannot afford the expenses of handling bank cards and we reject entanglements with foreign business. As a result, the only option is to send a check or money order, for which you must add an additional $3.50 to cover our bank's fee for depositing a foreign check. After decades of publishing paperbacks, we have transitioned to operate on a kind of shareware model, making our books available to you instantly, on the spot; down-loadable in digital format (either pdf or Live-Link Technology—and relying on your honor to pay for the books by promptly sending your check or money order by mail. The resulting savings in publishing, distribution costs and credit card fees enable us to pass on to you a great reduction from the previous, longstanding prices. All of our books are located at our checkout counter, where you can instantly purchase and download any of our books. (To get to the checkout counter, just click on any checkout counter icon.)

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Distance Learning Books

All books are now instant-access, down-loadable Live-Link Technology digital books or pdf files (for Kindles, Tabletss, smartphones and computer browsers).

Kha•vᵊr•utã (Distance Learning)

Block I — Descriptions of Required Texts

Readers' reviews, Conflict.

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Readers' reviews,WANWho Are the Netzarim?

by the 16th Pã•qid of the Nᵊtzãr•im,
Yi•rᵊmᵊyãhu Bën-Dã•wid

For browsers, Tablets, smartphone & similar (ISBN 965-7328-03-9)

Cover: Archeologists have demonstrated that the foundations of "David's Tomb" on Har Tzi•yon in Yᵊru•shã•layim incorporate the ruins of the original, 1st-century C.E., Nᵊtzãr•im beit kᵊnësët, in which Pã•qid Ya•a•qov "ha-Tza•diq", Bën-Yo•seiph prayed with the original Nᵊtzãr•im and convened the first Nᵊtzãr•im Beit Din. Tradition holds that Dã•wid ha-Mëlëkh — symbol of the Mã•shiakh — rests in this original Nᵊtzãr•im beit kᵊnësët.

Book Description

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Readers' reviews, ABNCAtonement In the Biblical 'New Covenant'

by Yi•rᵊmᵊyãhu Bën-Dã•wid
For Tablets, browsers & smartphones, ISBN 965-7328-02-0
Cover: The tël in Yᵊru•shã•layim, Capital of Israel.

Our new Live-Link Technology digital-format ebooks, in addition to enabling us to provide them to you far more cheaply, significantly updates our old ABNC and other soft-covers that we've published for decades. Now, you can read Nᵊtzãr•im ebooks in your Tablets, computer browser and even your smartphone; instantly down-loadable, directly from Israel. Reading on-line, our new ebook Live-Link Technology automatically displays continually-updated definitions that allow you to pick up the vocabulary by hovering your cursor over blue-background words and phrases to view explanatory pop-up balloons and check for the latest scientific and archeological details via our Live-Link Technology as your read, delivering real-time archeological and scientific discoveries and analysis. No other books can deliver real-time information to you (ISBN 965-7328-02-0, US $19.95 (or equivalent in most currencies) + $3.50 bank fee, unless Israeli ₪ from Israeli bank, to deposit foreign check = US $23.45)

Book Description

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Readers' reviews, NHMNetzarim Reconstruction of Hebrew Matthew (NHM) Covers, Text & Commentary Volumes

— The earliest Church historian, Eusebius, documented (Eccl. Hist. III.xxvii.4) that Hebrew Ma•titᵊyãhu was the only account ever accepted by the Original and Authentic Nᵊtzãr•im.
by Yi•rᵊmᵊyãhu Bën-Dã•wid
ISBN 965-7328-00-4
Available Only In English as an ebook in pdf format for Tablets, browsers and smartphones. (Paperback out of print.) 825 pages in two matching pdf volumes.
Cover: The Roman-era beit kᵊnësët, built atop the ruins of the Nᵊtzãr•im beit kᵊnësët where Ribi Yᵊho•shua prayed, at Kᵊphar Na•khum in the Gã•lil.

Even Bokhan

Translated from all of the earliest extant source mss. up through the 4th century C.E. – א and β Codices, Latin a-3 and Pᵊshi•tᵊtã; all papyri of this period and including the Hebrew tradition up through the אֶבֶן בֹּחַן, by שם טוב בן-יצחק בן-שפרוט, ca. 1380 C.E. (earliest extant mss. from 15th century, including Ta•lᵊmud, Mishᵊnãh and Gᵊmãr•ã; the Book of Nestor (9th century C.E.), Ya•a•qov Bën-Rᵊu•vein's 'מִלְחָמוֹת ה of 1170 C.E., 12th century Hebrew Ms. Or. Rome #53, and 13th century סֵפֶר יוֹסֵף הַמְקַנֵּא and סֵפֶר נִצָּחוֹן יָשָׁן.

Moreover, NHM incorporates the knowledge in 1QIsa, and the Dead Sea Scrolls – particularly (4Q) MMT, Hebrew Tor•ãh – including the Aleppo Codex, LXX, the Apocrypha and Pseudepigrapha (both Charles' and Charlesworth's editions), Josephus, Eusebius, Jerome, Hegesippus, Papias, Origen, et al. NHM also incorporates the information in the Nag Hammadi Codices and the various "Hidden Gospels." Modern historians and archeologists cited include Qimron, Charlesworth, Kaufmann, Howard, Charles, Yadin, Mazur, and a myriad of others. This is the only edition since 135 C.E. ever rendered by an Orthodox Jew in good standing in the Israeli (or anywhere in the world) Orthodox (not Ultra-Orthodox / Kha•reid•i) Jewish synagogue and community, or compiling the complete range of Judaic historical documentation (only, filtering out idolatry of Hellenist Greek works) in one work.

Available only In English as an ebook in pdf format for Tablets, computer browsers and smartphones. (Paperback out of print.)

Netzarim Reconstruction of Hebrew Matthew (NHM) 01 Text, First Page Netzarim Reconstruction of Hebrew Matthew (NHM)12 Text, First Page Netzarim Reconstruction of Hebrew Matthew (NHM) 12 Notes & Commentary, First Page

Sample NHM First Pages (left to right): NHM 01 w/legend of source mss., a typical text page: NHM 12 Text with its counterpart NHM 12 Notes. (Click on pictures for close-ups reduced to fit your browser window, then click on the text with the magnifying-glass cursor to enlarge.)


  1. NHM 22, notes to vs. 41ff

  2. NHM 23, v. 23, note 2

  3. NHM 26, v. 75, note 1

Book Description

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The Mirrored Sphinxes Live-Link Technology

Executive Summary: A docunovel shedding historically accurate and scientifically credible light on the Biblical story of Moses, from adopted Egyptian prince to the design of the Holy Ark, and the greatest love story of all time — which culminated in the Exodus and transformed the world's civilizations. (Sen-enmut Tuth-)Moses … central figure of the Exodus, found in the Nile by the Egyptian princess – whom he helped become Queen-Pharaoh Khat-shepset (Hatshepsut)! Moses' quest for the communication link to the realm of the Divine, having recognized the ineffectiveness of Egyptian mythology, culminates in an encounter with the Creator and the Exodus (ISBN: 965-7328-09-8); 218 pages.

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The 1993 Covenant Live-Link Technology
Published in 1990 — 3 Years Before Dãn•iy•eil's Prophecy Was Fulfilled!

I first decoded the prophesied covenant of Dãn•iy•eil 9.27 and pinpointed its fulfillment to a 1992-93 window back in the mid-1970s. Scientific method requires formulating a testable hypothesis. Either this long sequence of impossibly coincident unique events would happen as described, culminating in the 1992-3 window to confirm my decoding hypothesis correct; or the long list of impossibly coincident events would not occur in the sequence and times predicted, disproving my hypothesis. If I have decoded the passage correctly, then a long list of unique events would have to happen in sequence and at certain times.

Dãn•iy•eil prophesied (9.25-27), ca. B.C.E. 275, that

  1. Predicted coming of the Mã•shiakh Bën-Yo•seiph — Counting from the decree to return and rebuild Yᵊru•shã•layim by Artakhshast-Artaxerxes Sr. in B.C.E. 453 (had occurred about 178 years in the past when Dãn•iy•eil was writing), there would be 7, then 62 (totaling 69) "weeks" = 483 years after the decree. After [the initial 7 weeks +] this 62 weeks period [totaling 69 weeks = 483 years, after the decree], "יִכָּרֵת מָשִׁיחַ"; to simplify: -453 + 483 years = 30 C.E.!!!

  2. These 69 "weeks" also encode the calculation to the more distant future "70th Week" that would begin with Yi•sᵊr•ã•eil and a mysterious Sã•tãnic (i.e., anti-Tor•ãh / displacement mythology) figure would sign a covenant

  3. of a 7-year duration

  4. this covenant would be breached by the mysterious Sã•tãnic figure

  5. at the halfway mark, 3½ years years after its signing.

The instantiation of the Biblically-prophesied breach of this unique covenant would define the midpoint of Dãn•iy•eil's 70st Week!.

Beginning in the early 1970s, my research and analysis, decoding Dãn•iy•eil's cryptic "70 Weeks," predicted 5753 on the Judaic calendar (1992-3) as the calculated window of the 7-year "70th Week" of Dãn•iy•eil. I mentioned the implications of this future window in time numerous times in several publications during those two decades; even interrupting my Master's Degree in computer science unfinished in order to be in Israel for this momentous event. Still being unsure, in 1985, whether the 1992-3 window represented the middle or end of the 7-year period, I wanted to be safe by moving to Israel 7 years before 1992.

Three years before the predicted event, in 1990, I published my book proclaiming that this prophesied touchstone event, still 2-3 years into the future (!), would be the watershed Sã•tãnic covenant that Israel would sign with an anti-Tor•ãh, displacement mythology, entity.

This covenant was prophesied to "fortify" an ongoing covenantal process, would have an endpoint goal 7 years into the future from its signing, and would be breached after 3½ years, halfway into the 7-year period, by the Sã•tãnic entity.

Unlike any other book in the post-Biblical era published about prophecy, only this hypothesis was later confirmed correct by unfolding events according to the predictions of my model!!!

Those who know what to expect are best prepared and able to cope successfully. Read this book and understand what's still coming in the future… or remain misinformed by charlatans who teach Hellenist displacement mythology in the guise of "Bible prophecy"… instead of the historically-authentic, Judaic-Hebrew Nᵊviy•im. The world of displacement mythologies, still looking for mythological events, remains oblivious — "Left Behind"!

Cover: Patriot attempting to intercept Iraqi SCUD over Tel Aviv.

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Pi•shᵊt•ãh Kheih•ãh Live-Link Technology
(The Flickering-out Wick, Yᵊsha•yãhu 42.3) Pishtah Keihah (The Flickering-out Wick, Yeshayahu 42.1-4)

Executive Summary: To Prevent The Remnant From Self-extinguishing Unvarnished, all Jewish polls show that the remnant is flickering-out, while too many rabbis continue to alienate educated young Jews. Pishtah Keihah doesn't shy from exposing the spin that puts a positive face on the direst poll results, This controversial ebook answers the great questions of life, for which rabbis have no answers, as it defines the problem and outlines the solution: restoring formal logic as the ultimate authority for interpreting Torah she-bikhtav in harmony with science, archeology and historical documentation. Pishtah Keihah brings this solution to bear on a wide range of issues that presently continue to alienate educated young Jews.

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Ἀποκάλυψις — The Unveiling

Live-Link Technology
Revelation (הַהִתְגַּלּוּת)

Executive Summary: Before the destruction of the Beit ha-Mi•qᵊdãsh in 70 C.E., and especially before 135 C.E. when the Hellenist Roman goy•im occupiers deposed the 15th Pã•qid of the Nᵊtzãr•im and Hellenized Yᵊru•shã•layim, what was the thinking in the 1st century C.E. Pᵊrush•i community in Yᵊhudãh? Here is the only Dead Sea Scroll (4Q) MMT-compatible reconstruction of the pre-Greek, Judaic-Gnostic version, of "Revelation"—before it was Hellenized into Greek by the Hellenist pseudo-Tzᵊdoq•im, before it was syncretized into the Romans' native Hellenism, and before the 4th century C.E. Hellenist Διαθηκη Καινη (NT).

The Unveiling (Restoring Judaic Revelation / Apocalypse) by Yi•rᵊmᵊyãhu Bën-Dã•wid
ISBN: 965-7328-06-3

Cover: Statue of Liberty gazes as smoke billows from Manhattan after 9/11.

Captioned: Then the kings of the land, who were intimate with her, living in conspicuous consumption… with the sailors… stood apart and cried out seeing the smoke of her fiery-embers saying… "Oy, Oy; the great city, in which all who had ships in the sea got rich from her economy. For in one hour she was desolated." (Unv. 18.17-19)

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(Documentary Videos Available From Standard Sources)
Subject Video Title Description
Tomb of Ribi Yәhoshua & family The Lost Tomb of J*esus      In 1980, in East Talpiot, Jerusalem, a bulldozer accidentally uncovered what may be the most explosive archaeological discovery of all time.
     Of the ten ossuaries found inside the first-century tomb, six bore inscriptions. At first dismissed by archaeologists as coincidence, the ossuaries were deposited in the endless warehouses of the Israel Antiquities Authority and forgotten — 2005, (not timed)
Yәtziah The Volcano That Blew A World Away Santorini eruption ca. 1467 caused tsunami that parted Yam Suph and swallowed Pharaoh's chariots; *Must see. National Geographic — 2001, approx. 46 min.
Yәtziah Exodus, Parting Sea: In Search of… Minoans on their island of Santorini; Cousteau Soc., 51 min.
Yәtziah Exodus, Parting Sea: Calypso's Search… II Cousteau Soc., 51 min.
Yәtziah Exodus, Parting Sea: Who Was Moses? Santorini eruption ca. 1467, archeological evidence for Exodus & Mt. Sinai, *Must see; BBC, 50 min.
J*esus' Face Seven Wonders of World, Part I Discovery, 51 min.
Egyptian Prince T*u*t-Moses Ancient Mysteries: Queen Pharaoh History Channel, UK, 46 min. (Khãt-shepset who, as princess, found Mosheh in the Nile, why, 20 years after her successor became Pharaoh, he tried to erase her from Egyptian history; *Must see)

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Hebrew-English Keyboard

In Israel, computer keyboards automatically come with keys engraved in both Hebrew and English letters. These keyboards are cheap, you can probably order one locally and, surely, over the internet. Electronically, there's no difference. But trying to type in Hebrew without Hebrew letters on the keys is daunting for practically all newbies. "Stick-on" letters, a cheap alternative, don't last.

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