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Preparations Before Khag ha-Matz•ōtꞋ & PësꞋakh SeiꞋdër

  1. From Day after PūrꞋim — Review Mitzvot, Arrange For Necessary Foods
  2. ËrꞋëv & Morning. 1stmonth 13: Search & Burn All Remaining Khã•meitzꞋ — Beiur Khameitz
Rainbow Rule

ËrꞋëv, 1stmonth 14

 Bless each child  — Birᵊkot ha-Yᵊladim  Chant אֵשֶׁת חַיִל  —  Remember! This is a children's party for teaching the children. Don't turn it into an occasion of adult dining and socializing while reciting endless contra-historical, rabbinic legends that turn this into a cluster of fairy tales to the amusement of adults while boring the kids to sleep and setting them up to learn later in life that what you taught them were a bunch of fairy tales!


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Rainbow Rule
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