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יַחַץ — Tear (or break, if a cracker) middle מַצָּה into roughly equal halves.

Note: No Salt Or Saltwater Dip! 

Even Orthodox rabbis from different "traditions" differ from each other concerning dipping מַצּ֖וֹת (or lëkhꞋëm generally) in salt—or even salting מַצּ֖וֹת at all!

Some say "Dip" in מֵי-מֶלַח; explaining that it's different tonight. However, the Mi•shᵊn•ãhꞋ  stipulates precisely 4 differences in the PësꞋakh meal; and dipping matz•ãhꞋ in salt (or saltwater) isn't one of them! A fortiori, the Mi•shᵊn•ãhꞋ stipulates exactly 2 dippings, and this isn't either of them!

Others say "Dip" in kha•rōꞋsët (not salt), which directly contradicts both, Mi•shᵊn•ãhꞋ and Scripture—as well as the central theme: that the dining table of the Yᵊhūd•iꞋ has forever replaced the Mi•zᵊbeiꞋakh—with its physicomorphic and animist (see eish) ruse animal sacrifice (i.e. the כֶּ֣בֶשׂ פֶּסַח)!

And the rest say eat the מַצּ֖וֹת without either—which also directly contradicts Scripture.

Above all, in order to be the replacement of animal sacrifice, Scripture demands that מַצָּה be salted with the מֶ֚לַח בְּרִ֣ית—before the bᵊrãkh•ãhꞋ (of a physical, i.e. "earthly" qã•rᵊb•ãnꞋ; wa-Yi•qᵊr•ãꞋ 2.13)!

Failure To Salt A Part Would Violate wa-Yi•qᵊr•ãꞋ 2.13)!

If the צָפוּן half were concealed separately at this point, then it would not be salted later (in the הַמּוֹצִיא), violating wa-Yi•qᵊr•ãꞋ 2.13)!

The Triality 

Mishkan diagram source unknown
Click to enlarge Mi•shᵊkãnꞋ diagram (source unknown)

These 3 מַצּ֖וֹת represent the Triality of Components of the Ta•na״khꞋ {Temporal Physical} -to- {Nonphysical Eternal} Portal to the Shᵊkhin•ãhꞋ יְהוָׂה.

Mōsh•ëhꞋ Pᵊqid•einꞋū, followed by ShᵊlōmꞋ•h ha-mëlꞋëkh, executed the Triality in their respective constructions of the ŌꞋhël Mō•eidꞋ, and later the Mi•qᵊdãshꞋ.

Reflected In The 3 מַצּ֖וֹת Of The PësꞋakh SeiꞋdër

Mishkan Qodesh & Qodesh ha-Qadashim diagram source unknown
Click to enlarge Mi•shᵊkãnꞋ, enclosing the QōꞋdësh, containing enclosing the QōꞋdësh ha-Qã•dãsh•imꞋ diagram (source unknown)

  1. Surface (top) מַצָּה — This initial מַצָּה represents the initial earthly entry-level Khã•tzeirꞋ to the יַחַץ duality-portal ; Beit ha-Mi•qᵊdãshꞋ ba-shã•maꞋyim. The outermost court is accessible to all Yi•sᵊr•ã•eilꞋ—including the ÆꞋrëv Rav / Geir•imꞋ. All who wish to praise יְהוָׂה may enter.

  2. Intermediate / יַחַץ (middle) מַצָּהDuality-Portal (ta•lᵊmidꞋ-level; requires commitment to study real-world, historically-pure Ta•na״khꞋ—as explicated by the last, pre-70 CE, Pᵊrūsh•iꞋ Beit Din ha-Jã•dōlꞋ of Hi•lælꞋ ha-Za•qænꞋ, ha-Nã•siꞋ. Tōr•ãhꞋ requires this standard of pure Ta•na״khꞋ-based life-practice deep-dive to merit the sanctity  of a Yᵊtzi•ãhꞋ—being skipped through the QōꞋdësh into the ultimate Sanctity of the Presence of יְהוָׂה in -Ō•lãmꞋ ha-Bã.

    This is demonstrated through Hi•lælꞋ's protégé: the 1st half of the יַחַץ-combo, Mã•shiꞋakh Bën-Yō•seiphꞋ, completed by the complementary 2nd half of the יַחַץ; the hidden, yet restorable by any child legacy: Mã•shiꞋakh Bën-Dã•widꞋ.

  3. Final מַצּ֖וֹת (bottom group) — The Final-Level Singularity, requiring the most profound sanctity — the QōꞋdësh ha-Qã•dãsh•imꞋ: proximity to the Shᵊkhin•ãhꞋ of יְהוָׂה

    Only those who persevere to the end in their practice of pure—real-world, non-physicomorphic,  historically-pure—Tōr•ãhꞋ achieve this level.

Rainbow Rule
Intermediate Duality Transition— צָפוּן : Mã•shiꞋakh
יַחַץ‎ : (duality of צָפוּן) :: מָשִׁיחַ : (duality of צָפוּן

The earliest basis for צָפוּן is found paralleling the 2 Mᵊshikh•imꞋ (Mã•shiꞋakh Bën-Yō•seiphꞋ and Mã•shiꞋakh Bën-Dã•widꞋ) attributed to 2ⁿᵈ century CE Tan•ãꞋ Rab•ãnꞋ Shim•ōnꞋ Bar Yō•khaiꞋ  (along with Eil•i•yãhꞋū & the Kō•heinꞋ TzëdꞋëq).

Thus, in the earliest tradition, the יַחַץ of the Middle מַצָּה, representing the Mã•shiꞋakh, had immense significance, signaling the duality of the Mã•shiꞋakh—as stipulated by the Nᵊviy•imꞋ:

  1. Intermediate-Initial (QōꞋdësh) Levelמב"י, the first revealed historically-authentic and logical teachings of Mã•shiꞋakh Bën-Yō•seiphꞋ (represented by the smaller, openly revealed—מַצּ֖וֹת לֶ֣חֶם עֹ֑נִי part (Dᵊvãr•imꞋ 16.3) of the duality מַצָּה), the halfway mark of the 3 levels.

    The connection of צָפוּן with

    1. צָפוּן70 Septuples ("days" or "weeks") of years under subjugation to Neo-Bã•vëlꞋ from which the Nᵊviy•imꞋ prophesied that the Mã•shiꞋakh would redeem Yi•sᵊr•ã•eilꞋ  and the

    2. צָפוּן (netherworld-cache)—death perceived as one's journey through the netherworld-cache to eternal life among the stars in the heavens, prophesied by the Nᵊviy•imꞋ to be bellwethered by this Mã•shiꞋakh Bën-Yō•seiphꞋ!!!

  2. Finally, And Most Profoundly, The (QōꞋdësh ha-Qã•dãsh•imꞋ) Level: The Legacy מב"ד (resurrected & restored eternal nëphꞋësh-legacy of [pre-Apostate Paul] Riyb"y not a bodily-resurrected, different-second or any other physical human )—represented by the larger, last revealed part of the duality מַצָּה Ë•khãdꞋיְהוָׂה {Existant}, the Singularity!

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