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Updated: 2023.11.28 

קִדּוּשִׁים & הַבְדָּלוֹת


Note: Biblical בָּחַר Does Not Mean "Chosen"!!!

It required some research (and then organizing and writing) to resolve the contradictions consequent to today's universal presumption of Jewish "chosenness". However, both the contradiction and the resolution are found in the great "Shi•qūtz•imꞋ Mᵊshō•meimꞋ  Hellenization of BCE 175. This is when and where the Hellenist Tzᵊdōq•imꞋ, enabled by Ἀντίοχος  4th Ἐπιφανής , Hellenized the Tōr•ãhꞋ term, בָּחַר, to the Greek term found in LXX: ἐκλέγω"Chosen"!!! Jews claiming to be "chosen" (thus "entitled") follow the religion of Ἀντίοχος  4th Ἐπιφανής , not Mōsh•ëhꞋ and יְהוָׂה {Existant}!!!

Rather, it is any sufficiently-sapient being on the planet (or elsewhere in the Creator's universe), who chooses to commit to apprenticeship (ta•lᵊmidꞋ, "disciple") to Tōr•ãhꞋ shë-bi-KhᵊtãvꞋ who is—thereby—accepted in Am Yi•sᵊr•ã•eilꞋ; whom יְהוָׂה then makes qō•dësh!

בָּחַר, when understood according to its pre-Hellenist, Biblical definition, is a critical, and proper term indicating acceptance into a standing offer in an apprenticeship—like a university offering an opportunity to study. Bã•kharꞋ is the "letter of acceptance" to the standing offer of the Bᵊrit, open to everyone.

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