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The Honorable 16th Pâ•qid of the Nᵊtzâr•im

Yirᵊmᵊyâhu Bën-Dâwid

Originalist Orthodox Jew serving the Creator-Singularity י‑‑ה, husband of Karen, father of Yael, logician, USAF intelligence analyst (1960s), safety engineer, computer scientist (software engineer & artificial intelligence, inter-communicating knowledgebase networks), Biblical historian (Jewish v Christian), amateur archeologist, educator and author of seven books including the massive, definitive 2-volume (text & extensive notes and citations) of Hebrew Ma•titᵊyãhꞋū:

"Behold, I have given My Word in your mouth. See, I have conscripted you as Pâ•qid today, over the goy•im and over kingdoms; to uproot or sentence to be lost, to overthrow, or to build, or to transplant." (Yi•rᵊmᵊyâhu 1.9-10)

Van Nest (= Nes) coat of arms


Genealogically documented

Helm jouster with crest plume on an escutcheon sable, with
Ordinaries: fess ōr and pale ōr in honor point and chief, between
Charges: Three (standard six-rayed) estoile ōr – 3 Gold Royal Stars of Tzi•yon (Beit-Dâ•wid), each in its own Field of sable
Device: For God and Noble Fatherland of Batavorum
Livery Tinctures: sable and ōr
Netzarim Paqid 16, The Honorable Paqid of the Netzarim; Yirmeyahu Ben-David
Click to enlargeNᵊtzâr•im Pâ•qid 16
The Honorable Pâ•qid of the Nᵊtzâr•im; Yi•rᵊmᵊyâhu Bën-Dâ•wid, ha-Tza•diq at the Kotël, Yᵊru•shâ•layim, 1995).

Pâ•qid Yirmᵊyâhu, né Clint Van Nest (1943), descended from his great-x6 grandfather, Pieter Pieterse Van Nest, who immigrated to New Amsterdam—before there was a New York or United States—in 1647, just 27 years after the pilgrims in the Mayflower. Pieter Pieterse Van Nest had been living in New Amsterdam 9 years before George Washington's grandfather came to the New World!

MensaHe is a member of Mensa and a former Baptist minister, who attended Hampden DuBose Academy (the elite private Christian boarding school attended by Billy Graham's daughter). Part of his learning experience included a short period attending a "charismatic" megachurch in Winter Park, pastored by the future father-in-law of Benny Hin.

Forerunners rock band
Click to enlargeForerunners (1964-66, Zweibrucken, Germany; played Germany, France, Belgium and other parts of Europe + weekly radio program on Canadian Forces Network). A "hat's off" to USAFSS "Cooky" Manwiller (on drums & vocals), Canadian Air Force Perry Whittle on lead guitar and vocals and various bassists.

He is also an American vet – intelligence analyst spookspook – of the United States Air Force Air Intelligence Agency (6901st Spec Comm Group, Zweibrucken, Germany; '64-66USAF Security Services (renamed Air Intelligence Agency). Go Falcons football!; security clearance: Top Secret, Crypto, Codeword), having attended Syracuse UniversitySyracuse University. Go Orange football! and served in Germany,German flag where he lived for 2½ years. He was honorably discharged after a 4-year tour of duty, during which time he was also the keyboard player for the Forerunners rock band.

Lovin' Machine
Click to enlargeThe Lovin' Machine (1967-68, Univ. of Florida) winner: Gaines­ville Battle of the Bands, with Doors' hit: "Baby, Light My Fire"

University of Florida. Go-o-o-o Gators!Returning to the University of Florida under the GI Bill, Clint started a new rock band to play for fraternity parties to help pay the bills – winning a Gainesville radio station city-wide "Battle of the Bands" with the Doors' hit: "Baby, Light My Fire" featuring the keyboard intro.

Clint joined the Delta Sigs and earned a B.Sc. in Business Administration (majoring in Quantitative Methods, minoring in Management and Economics – and offered honors in Logic) from the University of Fla. (Gainesville) in 1968. He entered the UF Graduate School M.B.A. program but was unable to attend due to personal circumstances.

Upon ASSE (American Society of Safety Engineers) graduating, he worked as a Safety Engineer (member of A.S.S.E.) for a large insurance company in New England and Toronto, Canada,Canadian flag consulting for some of the largest corporations, in a multitude of diverse industries, in Ontario and Quebec provinces.

Moving back to Florida around 1970, he worked as Personnel & Safety Director for Earl Leiffer Trucking & Construction in Central Florida, reporting directly to the owner.

Researching Contradictions of Christianity

Clint(on) Van Nest III, 5th Grade, Rio Grande, NJ Elementary School
Click to enlargeClint(on) Van Nest III (1st class picture 2 years later, 1953—5th grade), different classroom, mostly same class. Rio Grande Elementary, NJ.

As a country boy in Rio Grande, New Jersey, by age 8, Clint had already recognized and announced to his entire 2nd grade school class (being roundly laughed at ) that the stars we see in the sky aren't really there, explaining: eons of light years ago they had been there when they emitted that light, but the light was only then (1951) reaching our eyes. Therefore, all of those stars had long since moved and aren't where we see them. In fact, many they see every night have long ceased to exist and simply aren't there! It follows, he had also realized (to himself, to avoid being laughed at further), the world's perception of the universe (particularly all unscientific clergies), being derived from misconceptions of reality, had strayed similarly off-course into superstition and animism in their misperceptions of the universe's (reality's) OmniScient Creator—in science-speak: the "Prime Cause" of the "Big Bang".

As he grew up, he realized that there were intractable contradictions between the teachings of the clergy of his religious upbringing versus the logic of relating to the Supremely Logical Creator of the universe. For Clint, it was, therefore, logical that he commit his life to the latter, not his religious upbringing. This eventually led him (and, by then, his wife) to convert into Orthodox Judaism (legally changing his name to Yirmeyahu Ben-David)—and now to investigate and correct the failures of rabbis (yet again spurning education and knowledge to revert back to the Late Bronze Age mindset) to advance the knowledge of Avᵊrã•hãmꞋ and Mōsh•ëhꞋ instead of ossifying their accumulated Babylonian, post-Ἀντίοχος  4th Ἐπιφανής  and Christian-era assimilation strayings—i.e.modern rabbinic "religious" traditions.

Girl On A Parallel Search

While working as a Personnel Director in the trucking & construction industry in Central Florida, a girl unlike any other person Clint had ever met, male or female, converged on his path. His dental hygienist, Karen, turned out to be the only person he’s ever met who shares his unflagging and relentless resolve to learn about and serve the Omniscient Creator-Singularity of the universe.

Patrick Henry family crest
”Give me liberty or give me death!” Karen’s maternal (& Patrick’s) Henry Family Crest (motto in photo ©2019 by Karen Ben-David)

Like Clint, Karen had also found that there were no intelligent answers in any of the numerous Christian denominational, evangelical or charismatic folds.

Their shared quest to learn about and serve the Omniscient Creator-Singularity of the universe brought them together as a team. In 1974, they married with the determination to pursue their life quest together.

Karen bears the maternal line of the Scottish Henry family crest. Her genealogy traces back to her great^4-grandfather Robert (1705-1768) in Va, who was an uncle of American patriot Patrick Henry. The motto of this branch of the Henry family is preserved exclusively in an original color drawing of the family crest (likely from a childhood memory by her maternal aunt, who was an artist) inherited from Karen’s mother—and perhaps the sole extant documentation of the correct crest of this branch of the Henry family.

Renouncing Jesus & Christianity To Pursue The Practice Of Tor•âh

Around 1976—after years of research together as a team (results summarized in Who Are The Nᵊtzarim? Live-Link (WAN)), they realized that the pristine Truths of the Omniscient Creator were first recognized by Av•râ•hâm, Yitz•khâq and Ya•a•qov, culminated in the compilation of Tor•âh by Mosh•ëh at Har Sin•ai and all of the Original Principles set forth in the Ta•na"kh.

Accordingly they began to study Hebrew and Aramaic where they learned to love and keep Tor•âh. This led, in 1983, to legally changing their names, seeking greater closeness to the religion, culture of Tor•âh, Mosh•ëh, Av•râ•hâm, Yitz•khâq and Ya•a•qov and the people of the Bible: Yi•sᵊ•râ•eil. To forestall any misunderstandings, Yi•rᵊmᵊyâhu promptly informed the head of the local (Central Florida) Jewish Community Center, Paul Jeser, and a prominent local rabbi, Rabbi Rudy Adler, explaining the reasons they had changed their name.

All during this time, Karen worked as a dental hygienist to support them so he could do the research. In addition, in the evenings, after her "work" day cleaning teeth at the dental office, and doing her matchless homemaking, she did the brunt of much of the onerous detail work as he translated the entirety of the Christian New Testament from all of the earliest extant Greek source mss. (which culminated in the 2-volume, nearly thousand page with documentation and notes, "The Nᵊtzârim Reconstruction of Hebrew Matitᵊyâhu (NHM, in English)"), freeing him to progress faster in his research. In the many years since, she has continued working so that he can now make this information accessible to others. She is a true אֵשֶׁת-חַיִל.

1984.12 – Orthodox Conversion to Judaism

After a considerable period interacting with the local Jewish community, openly professing his position as a follower of Ribi Yᵊho•shua as the Mâ•shiakh within the definitions of Ha•lâkh•âh, concealing nothing, they were astounded that most of the Jewish community, including many of the leaders, even though they don't agree that Ribi Yᵊho•shua was the Mâ•shiakh, nevertheless recognize that the true, historical Ribi Yᵊho•shua was a good, Tor•âh-teaching Pᵊrush•i Ribi. Ha•lâkh•âh does not, and cannot, prohibit a Jew from believing that any good, Tor•âh-teaching Pᵊrush•i Ribi is the Mâ•shiakh! (What is prohibited, in accordance with Dᵊvâr•im 13.1-6, is belief in a NT or its Christian Yesh"u of Hellenist Displacement Theology.)

conversion certificate, Yirmᵊyahu
Click to enlargeYirmᵊ­yâhu's & Karen's Or­thodox conver­sions by Orthodox Rabbi, Dean and Prof. Dr. Reuben Lucken, זצוק''ל
R Luckens' semikhah fm BDA R Felshin & Blau
Click to enlargeOrthodox Rabbi Dean Prof. Dr. Reuben Lucken's ordi­nation by Beit Din of Ameri­ca President Rabbi Max Felshin, זצוק''ל (Luckn1, Luckn2, Luckn3, Luckn4; Felshn1 Felshn2, Felshn3)

By complying with the same Ha•lâkh•âh taught by the 1st century Pᵊrush•im (today's Orthodox), including Ribi Yᵊho•shua and his original Nᵊtzâr•im Jewish followers (including submitting to an Orthodox Beit Din and conversion), Yi•rᵊmᵊyâhu and Karen became the first legitimate and authentic followers of Ribi Yᵊho•shua since the 15th Nᵊtzâr•im Pâ•qid, Yᵊhud•âh ha-Tza•diq, was forcibly ousted and expelled from Yᵊru•shâ•layim by the original, first, Christian (Hellenist Roman) gentile ἐπίσκοπος (the historical first pope) Markus, in 135 C.E.

According to Ram•ba"m

"Even a geir who was not examined, or who was not informed of the mi•tzᵊw•ot and their punishments, and was circumcised and immersed in the presence of three הִדְיוֹטוֹת – still indeed, he is a geir. Even if it is known that he converted for some ulterior motive, inasmuch as he has been circumcised and immersed, he has made the exodus from the general goy•im, and we are concerned for him until his tzi•dᵊq•ut is clarified. Even if he reverted and worshiped idols, indeed, he is like an apostate of Yi•sᵊr•â•eil. If he makes קִדּוּשִׁין, they are קִדּוּשִׁין, and the mi•tzᵊwâh to return an article he lost applies to him. After having immersed, he has become like Yi•sᵊr•â•eil." (Maimonides, Mi•shᵊn•ëh Tor•âh, קדושה [Holiness], הלכות איסורי ביאה [Laws of Forbidden Sexual Relations], 13.17).

There is no one today with authority to overturn the Ha•lâkh•âh that stood from long before the time of Mosh•ëh at Har Sin•ai until long after Ram•ba"m.

"You shall not taunt or oppress a geir, for you were geir•im in Egypt. You shall not cause pain to any widow or orphan. If you dare cause any [of these] pain, if he shall cry out to Me, I shall absolutely hear his outcry. My wrath shall blaze and I shall kill you by the sword, and your wives will be widows and your children orphans." (Shᵊm•ot 22.12).

"You shall not boil a kid in its mother's milk" (Shᵊm•ot 23.19; 34.26; Dᵊvâr•im 14.21).

Preparing for A•liy•âh To Israel

University of Central Florida IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) Entering graduate school at the University of Central Florida to prepare for a•liy•âh, he earned most of the credits (short only 2-3 courses) toward a MSc in Computer Science (Software Engineering and Databases), becoming a member of I.E.E.E. and A.C.M.ACM (Association for Computing Machinery) While studying Computer Science at UCF, he became one of the early contributors to the internet (1983)—the man who originally and successfully argued that Judaism be moved from a subcategory of Christianity in the internet, where it then resided, Irked to its own independent category under religion.

תְּעוּדַת עוֹלֶה
Certificate of A•liy•âh Under the Law of Return

Teudat Oleh (Certificate of Aliyah under the Law of Return)
A•liy•âh To Israel

Sha''s: Ultra-Orthodox Khareidi PartyIn 1985, Yi•rᵊmᵊyâhu and Karen Bën-Dâ•wid made a•liy•âh to Israel under the Law of Return (which only Jews can do); receiving the obligatory imprimatur of the Israeli Interior Ministry—then under the undisputed control of the Ultra-Orthodox Khareid•im Sha"s rabbis, under the personal and direct supervision of Rav Yitz•khâq Përëtz, who later became Chief Rabbi of Ra•a•nanâ(h). All of the Ultra-Orthodox khareid•im Sha"s rabbis were (and are), in turn, under the supervision of former Chief Rabbi of Israel Rav Ovad•yâh Yo•seiph.

תְּעוּדַת זֶהוּת
Specifying Jew
(white arrow, click to enlarge)

Teudat Zehut, Israeli ID specifying Jew (white arrow; click to enlarge)

Thus, during the period 1984.12.24 – 1987.01.06, every person who made a•liy•âh under the Law of Return simultaneously received confirmation of their status as a Jew with the imprimatur of the Ultra-Orthodox khareid•im Sha"s rabbis who, as Minister of the Interior, exercised undisputed control over the Interior Ministry during this period (1984.12.24–1987.01.01), under the supervision of Rav Yitz•khâq Përëtz, who later became Chief Rabbi of Ra•a•nanâ(h), and former Chief Rabbi of Israel Rav Ovad•yâh Yo•seiph. According to Rav Yitz•khâq Përëtz' own declaration to Israel Radio, as quoted in The New York Times (1987.01.01), 2 years after he signed for our conversions (in 1985.04):

As a Jew and a rabbi loyal to the tradition and Bible of Israel, I have declared and declare again that my hand will never ever sign for a fraudulent conversion that was not conducted according to the Halakha.


SDI (Strategic Defense Initiative)
"Star Wars" Project

SDI (Strategic Defense Initiative, ''Star Wars'')

Initially, Yi•rᵊmᵊyâhu worked as a computer Artificial Intelligence (AI) scientist in the AI lab of the Computer Science Dept. at Tel Aviv University, designing a feasibility project for the SDI (Strategic Defense Initiative). His project demonstrated the complete dependency on obtaining real-time Sigint, and AI recognition, of missile light-up; as well as the necessity for pre-staging intercept – two absolutes of every successful anti-missile system today, American and Israeli.

After the SDI project, he worked as an entrepreneur, designing a general medical office AI program that would (if venture capitalists had been able to grasp it) still be considered "tomorrow technology" even today — as would his AI design, back in 1986, for a pilotless (later called UAV) squadron of AI fighter planes that could implement advanced AI coordinated combat tactics together at light speed, and perform maneuvers beyond human "G" limitations. But, they didn't feel comfortable issuing an Israeli security clearance to a former American spook who had held an American Top Secret, Crypto, Comint clearance and refused to divulge anything about that. So, they're still struggling with the gnarly issues.

צה''ל (Tza'hal; IDF), Israel Defense Forces)מִשׁמָר אֶזרָחִי (Mish·mar' Ez·rakh·i'; Police Reserves Volunteer)Yi•rᵊmᵊyâhu also served in the Israel Defense Forces reserves and, being a graduate of an American police academy and martial arts expert, volunteered in the Israeli police reserves.

Blessing from Chief Rabbi Mordekhai Eliyahu, 24 Sivan 5752 (1992.06.25)
Letter from then-Chief Rabbi Mordekhai Eliyahu Extending His Blessing to Yi•rᵊmᵊyâhu Bën-Dâ•vid

In 1986, י--ה blessed them with a daughter, Yâ•eil, born in K'far Saba (near Ra•a•nanâ(h)). Later that year they settled in Ra•a•nanâ(h) (a small city about 12 km north of Teil Ä•viv). In 1990.07, The Jerusalem Post Magazine published a feature article about Yi•rᵊmᵊyâhu. As he had done in Florida, in 1992.05, Yi•rᵊmᵊyâhu made sure the rabbis knew exactly what he was doing and sought their advice in a letter to then-Chief Rabbi of Israel, Eliyahu Mordekhai, z"l, setting forth his beliefs in full, concealing nothing. The Chief Rabbi's reply is published in Yi•rᵊmᵊyâhu's book, Who Are The Nᵊtzarim? Live-Link (WAN) (click on the digitized copy of his letter to enlarge).

Having thoroughly searched all over Israel for any remnant of the Nᵊtzâr•im, Yi•rᵊmᵊyâhu found that there were none for he and Karen to join. Until Yi•rᵊmᵊyâhu began writing about the Nᵊtzâr•im in 1974 as a result of his reasearch, no one in the modern world have even heard of the Nᵊtzâr•im. (Beware of the many phony poseurs who have since plagiarized his work and pirate his copyrighted CDs.) Yet, Ha•lâkh•âh requires that every community must have a Beit Din. Inescapably, י--ה had arranged that Yi•rᵊmᵊyâhu was the first and only candidate in the legitimate Jewish community since 135 C.E. whom He required by Ha•lâkh•âh to fill the position of the 16th Pâ•qid and restore the Nᵊtzâr•im Beit Din that the Roman Hellenists had eradicated in 135 C.E.

16th Pâ•qid Yirmᵊyâhu ha-Tza•diq had long recognized a gaping and glaring lacuna: While The Nᵊtzârim Reconstruction of Hebrew Matitᵊyâhu (NHM, in English) had demonstrated that the structural framework of the life and teachings of historical Ribi Yᵊho•shua was Tor•âh, the Judaic literature had preserved very few clues about his interpretations of Oral Law (and the Christian-redacted, Hellenized Greek literature was apostate and misleading). The Judaic literature tells us primarily that he was a Ribi. Therefore he was a Pᵊrush•i and Dead Sea Scroll 4Q MMT then demonstrates that

  1. he taught that Ha•lâkh•âh (rather than the Qum•rân Ma•as•ëh or the Hellenist Tzᵊdoq•i Χειρογραφον τοις Δογμασιν) was the authoritative Oral Law and

  2. his teachings, recorded in NHM, demonstrate that he was of the school of Beit Hi•leil.

The lacuna, of course, is that many subsets of Ha•lâkh•âh have subsequently evolved in the various Diaspora countries through assimilation (Ash•kᵊnazi, Sᵊphârâd•i, Mi•zᵊrakhi, etc.). The lacuna could only be restored authentically by retrieving and adopting the correct–most pristine–version of Ha•lâkh•âh to fill the lacuna! This became his next project.

Yemenite Orthodox Judaism synagogue Moreshet Avot, in Ra'anana, Israel
Yemenite Orthodox synagogue Moreshet Avot, in Ra'anana, Israel: The Honorable Paqid of the Netzarim, Yirmeyahu Ben-David, Paqid 16, with Mori Khaiim Vashdi
Yirmeyahu's Israeli ID card (Teudat Zehut), reading יהודי (Jew)

In 1998, while researching ancient Judaic music, Pâ•qid Yirmᵊyâhu discovered that the one Jewish community least affected and influenced by the outside world since the 1st century C.E., preserving the most pristine tradition of reciting Tor•âh and the most pristine reflection of 1st century Pᵊrush•i Ha•lâkh•âh, are the Tei•mân•im. Pâ•qid Yirmᵊyâhu immediately determined to switch from the Ash•kᵊnazim synagogues where he had been praying and searched for a Beit ha-kᵊnësët Tei•mân•i, finding Beit ha-Kᵊnësët Mo•rëshët Âv•ot – Yad Nâ•âm•i only a block from his home! How wondrously י--ה had worked! Pâ•qid Yirmᵊyâhu immediately applied for membership. After a meeting with their וַעַד during which he straightforwardly explained his positions, just as he had in Florida and to the Chief Rabbi. He was accepted and became a member of the עֲמֻתָּה. He and his family have prayed there regularly until 2012.

Meanwhile, Yâ•eil, progressed from an Orthodox gan, through Ariel Orthodox elementary school (also winning a silver medal in a regional judo competition during this time). In 2003 she made the Israel Debate team to the European championship but, due to conflicts in her schedule, wasn't able to go to the competition. That summer, she completed a science project at The Technion The Technion in Haifa. She also made the finals in the 2004 Young Israel Scientists Fair and, during the summer, participated in a science project at M.I.T. M.I.T. in Boston, Massachussetts. In her senior year of high school, she was president of the 2004 student council, on the yearbook committee, graduating from the Orthodox AMIT Renanim Jr. and Sr. Science and Technology High School for Girls AMIT Renanim Jr. and Sr. Science and Technology High School for Girls in Ra•a•nanâ.

She then served as an officer in the Tzaha"l, represented Israel on the Tel Aviv University debating team at the European International Debating competition in Istanbul and went on to earn her B.Sc. in Life Sciences (Biology, 2007) at Tel Aviv Univ TAU (Tel Aviv University), thereafter earning her M.Sc. in Biological Research, also at TAU. After taking archeology courses at Hebrew Univ Hebrew University, she began working on her Doctorate in Chemical Science (applied to archeology) at The Kimmel Center for Archaeological Science, Scientific Archaeology Unit, Weizmann
Insti The Weizmann Institute of Science, Rᵊkhōvōt, Israel.

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